No Judgement. No Pressure. It’s not About a Title or a Label, it’s Simply Encouragement to Try it… Vegan

1 May

This post explains our “mission”, who we are and will hopefully show you that we are not your typical Vegan blog.

No one wants to be pressured into anything.  Sometimes it’s important to develop a curiosity.  Other times, it just feels right to give it a try.  That’s how we started… simply wanting to Try it…Vegan.

Like many people, when I heard the term “Vegan”, a certain stereotypical image would come to mind.  I will admit that I had  thought that you had to be a certain type of person, like certain activities, dress a certain way or even, become an activist.  For some, it may in fact be important to live up to that stereotype or to to take on that title but that is not what  Try it Vegan is about.

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Four years ago, I was a mother of three kids who never would have imagined that I would one day choose to omit animal products from my diet and cook for my family without using certain foods.  It all started because I saw a book by an actress whom I used to watch on t.v. and was intrigued at her gentle approach to her diet.  The information wasn’t shoved down my throat and I was surprised to learn what I had.  It was a new concept for me and at that moment, “clicked” in a way that would never have been predicted or expected.

My spouse thought it was a “phase” and figured that after a week or a month, at the most, chicken would be back on the dinner table and I’d be back to flipping burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  I guess that you could say that we were all surprised to find out that it turned into a lifestyle change that may have been a process for some in the family, but one that is accepted and even more surprising, becoming more popular locally, nationally and internationally as more and more are simply trying and incorporating more foods that aren’t derived from an animal.

Normally, it must be admitted, the word “Try” isn’t used in our vocabulary.  For example, “try” and pick up a glass of water.  Wait… don’t pick it up.  “Try” to pick it up.  There is a difference, right?

Try it Vegan © was created because there are so many people that think that they must be a certain person, behave a certain way and do certain things.  We were of that mindset as a family.  I will speak for all of us and will tell you, we get it.  There have been several people that act surprised and express this surprise saying that I, we, don’t “fit the stereotype” of what they think Vegan should look like.  It may be different for everyone but I personally understand that.  I put “Vegans” in a box before.  A category.  Labeled.

It’s not about the label.

It’s about YOU.  It’s about simply Trying more foods and incorporating more “Vegan” foods and giving yourself the opportunity to first, feel a difference.  Second, to give you the chance to literally see the difference in your body and how it is reacting.  Third, it’s to simply question where your food is coming from.  You would have expectations of how a restaurant prepares your food, right?  How it’s cooked.  Where it’s cooked.  How it is served.  Right?

What you learn may surprise you. 

If it’s trying a new vegetable once a month or maybe, create a Meatless Monday in your home every week or making the decision to eliminate animal products and their byproducts altogether;  either way, it is YOUR choice.  YOUR body.  YOUR life.  We aren’t about putting someone into a box or labeling them unless that is something you wish to do.

It’s all about Trying it Vegan.  Simply give it a shot.  If it’s trying a new recipe, go for it!  If it’s picking up a book on the topic, great!  If you are curious and have questions, Google it.  If you are really interested, watch some documentaries and educate yourself.

It’s ALL about timing.  In the meantime, please understand that if you are not open to or simply, not ready or want to completely eliminate certain foods from your daily diet, it’s ok.  We simply want to create an open community where Trying it Vegan is a choice that is considered and acted on at times.

Don’t get caught up in the idea of having to fit in a box.  We aren’t judging.  Simply encouraging and welcome others to gently encourage others to simply… Try it Vegan 🙂

2 Responses to “No Judgement. No Pressure. It’s not About a Title or a Label, it’s Simply Encouragement to Try it… Vegan”

  1. rkutchjm May 2, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    Thanks for coming over and Liking my site. Yours is incredible! Love your stuff! Maybe we can do something together in the future.

    • Try it Vegan May 2, 2013 at 10:13 am #

      Thanks, Rob! You are doing a great job, glad to have found you as well and I would welcome the opportunity!

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