Cool Kid Corner

Coming early to mid-May 2013!!!

Try it Vegan Cool Kids Corner Meet Nico

Hi!  I’m Nico!


As many of you know, if you are looking for an HONEST opinion on how a dish tastes or anything, for that matter… ask a kid!

Kids DO love salads... especially the ones who HATED them!

Kids DO love salads… especially the ones who HATED them!

We are excited to welcome Nico on board who is going to head up our “Cool Kid Corner” here on Try it Vegan!

Nico is the baby of the family, an 11 year old who has definitely been Trying it Vegan for the past four years and I’m hoping that he will be able to field questions from other kids as well as offer insight to parents about:

  • how to talk to your children about a vegan diet
  • what types of foods are good for a transition from meat to no animal products
  • how to have your child try ANY food (or most) a.k.a. tricks of the trade!
  • and much more!  Have a CKC question?  (you can email him at

He is currently putting together his list of favorite dishes and we will be having a special rating system to let you know the honest (kids) truth from a kid’s perspective!

Be sure to follow us, we think that you will enjoy this charismatic character and find his information valuable!

Welcome aboard, Buddy!

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